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Dear aspiring world architects,

I'm glad we get to talk. At Argus Labs, we are shaping the future of games through bleeding-edge applied research in distributed systems and game design.

Despite being internet-native, online game worlds exist in siloed systems -- seemingly tucked away in the dark corners of the universe.

>> Game developers are locked into platform giants and operate at their mercy.

>> Players are restricted from creating content and platforms that directly hook into core game logic and data.

>> Games can't communicate with each other seamlessly, eliminating a treasure trove of game design innovation and embargoing the growth of expansive game economies

It's time to fix this, together.

We are on the hunt for the best talent in the industry to join our nimble and fast-moving team.

We pay top dollar with generous equity compensation for the best talent, provide 100% employer-covered health/dental/vision insurance, and give you the freedom to go as wide or deep as you want in your job.

Argus Labs will be an amazing workplace for you if you (are):

>> Value ownership and autonomy - As an early-stage startup, you will get a chance to steer the company's direction and influence decisions made across the company.

>> A multifaceted thinker - We see games as a complex and multidisciplinary creative endeavor.

>> A gaming savant - Some people only play games for fun, but some people are obsessive enough about games that they become a modder, invent a new meta, or receive a stern email from the game developers.

I have to go back to building, but if you choose to join us, I'll see you on the other side.

Please find attached below the open positions in the team.

Yours truly,
Scott Sunarto | World Architect.

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